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The Big Ad Gig 'Sixty Second Interview'

Above The Influence 'Mute The Mouth'

HP 'Happy Earth Day'

HP 'Spring x2'

HP 'Clean Out Your Computer Day'

HP 'President's Day'

The Big Ad Gig 'Tweet Brief'

Citi 'Safeguard'

Anthony x5 (Short Film)

Simon & Schuster 'Truth Be Told'

Ruthless (Short Film)

Organic 'Shark Office'

Unilever 'Fragrance'

Dutch Masters 'Burn Slow'

AXE 'Leap Story: John Legend'

BBDO 'Marvel Custom Partnership'


What is a content creator, exactly? It means that I have the capability to create content for you from inception through final delivery.

My primary role is director. In collaboration with you, I develop and maintain the creative vision and integrity of the project. This can also mean bringing concepts to the table and developing kernals of ideas.

My next role is producer. I build schedules, budgets, hire equipment and any personell required to execute the concept.

After production, I edit, color correct and deliver the final videos to you. Or, depending on the project, I will hire talented people to fill those various roles while maintaining my role as Director & Producer as I will see the project all the way to completion.


Title Project Client Award(s)
Hello Spring Social Content HP  
National Clean Out Your Computer Day Social Content HP  
President's Day Social Content HP  
Happy Earth Day Social Content HP  
Tweet Brief Branded Content The Big Ad Gig  
Sixty Second Interview Branded Content The Big Ad Gig W3, Webby
Connect 4 Interactive Content Emirates  
Golden Age TV Commercial Emirates  
Safeguard Branded Content Citi  
Mute The Mouth Interactive Content Above The Influence Shorty
Autograph Collection Branded Content Marriott Webby, Pixel, John Caples
Truth Be Told Branded Content Simon & Schuster  
City Kid Branded Content Plume  
Secret Music Video Cynic Guru AoF: Best Music Video
Downfall Music Video Cynic Guru  
Shark Office   Organic  
Fragrance Event Content Unilever  
Leap Story: John Legend Branded Content AXE  
Ruthless Short Film    
Relentless Short Film    
Sonnet 140 Branded Content The Sonnet Project  
Thoughts On Pulmozyme Branded Content Genentech  
Marvel Custom Partnership Branded Content BBDO Ad Color


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